the movies

The Escape
2013 48HFP
A musical about love and freedom 
"Its kinda hard to fit 3 songs into a 7 minute film. The required prop was 2 or more strawberries so we thought we'd have some fun with that" 

“Daily Dreamin’”
Brian’s innocent daydream, becomes a hilarious battle he may not win
“We had so much fun. Voted audience choice. :-) I learned a valuable life lession:take my shirt off in more movies. ”


Christmas Crazy
Your everyday summertime Christmas decoration dispute movie
“Maybe my favorite story so far. Steve the neighbor is genius.”

Spy Uncle
Kenny takes a cushy baby-sitting gig for his nieces and gets a bit more than he bargained for
“Everyone had a bit too much fun. "


“Jason made this movie. It is very short, and very, very, funny. Trivia: most of the bees are real; we came home to a swarm outside, and he said, "Lets make a bee movie!'"


Cheeky - a mystery. Theme: Save the Animals

2011 Go Green
Ellie meets her rival ‘Cheeky’ an icky mutt who may be a lot more than he seems
“Ellie & Savannah were great here, I’m the bad guy.  Another 48 - didn’t get it complete, but we finished in time :-) Filmed at Alice the Great’s fancy house - I sure miss her.”

Same Time Next Year
a film by Digital Rocket
2011 -  J. Cheek, Authentic, G. Segal-Abrams, B. Dowtin
Sometimes keeping it real, requires just a tiny bit of fake. 
“First time just directing, we had great team of 25 from the Gso Creativity Center. James, Authentik and Gavin were/are Amazing - and some severely talented guys.  Tristan and Kaier were great. 

2007 - Greensboro  48 Hour Film Project.
Trogdon,  C.  Childs,  B. Dowtin
Danny thinks he may have real life 'follower'.  
“My first 48 - learned so much, wish you could see our test film, that was crazy.”

Film Club, 2010
brian dowtin
You don’t talk about  Film Cl....
This is a one man cast-crew-makeup-actor-director shot. "Honey, why are all beat up??, Are you wearing makeup?!?"  :-)  The shot is from a motor'd dolly I built. Can you spot my try at sfx?